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Ryan Gocal

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I have 3+ years of production lead experience at FCA LLC with exposure to 5s, Inventory, and Training skills. I am a self trained freelance android java developer that has been building, modifying and creating software for 5+ years. I have a technical background and very intelligent when it comes to electronical equipment, mobile devices and pc hardware. You can view my full resume at Indeed


Follow me on LinkedIn to see some of my shared work with the community. I publish Android apps on Google Play for learning experiences and request by my followers and some projects are intended to be an income to support my work and family life. Some of the material I publish in my apps do make it out on my Github page as an Open Source Android Library so other developers can take advantage of some of the logic and practices I have developed for myself over the years. When time permits, I contribute to Open Source Projects like Bliss OS, I report issues to projects I follow on Github and contribute where myself is needed. I started my Android career as a modder and created custom roms for mobile devices (ex: Bionx Rom for the LG Ally | Droid Razr)

GSD Blog

When time allows, I keep my followers up to date on my current projects by writing blogs about the current development and post road maps of every update and progress made. This allows community members to keep an interest in development and doesn't acquire a dark atmosphere of not knowing whats going on during dry spells. This gives community members and followers an oppurtunity to get a glimpse of upcoming updates and speak their mind during development instead of after publishment. This allows users to feel involved and know they had some part in development while maintaining a healthy relationship with myself. Some members have 3+ years of followership.

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Published Content


GCA Launcher

GCA Launcher is my main project and has over 3 years of work put into it. It has deffinitely been a learning curve for myself and has me interested in android launcher home app development.



Inspired by Google Wallpapers, Drywall is a wallpaper app that pulls wallpapers from reddet subs. It has has some usefull tools to identify wallpaper colors and homescreen background adjustments.



No'Me is a launcher switcher. If you are an android user that loves to test new launchers or switch to and from frequently, this is the app for you.

Android Libaries


Switchbar Library

Google's Switchbar layout widget recreated with customization for personal projects!


Material Popup Menu Library

A nostalgic dialog action menu from Android 2.3 re-invented for Material Design

Me, Myself and I

A decade ago, Android became one of the biggest mobile platforms to release into this world and being the tech guy I was, I instantly got addicted to the platform. Before all that, I was into electronics. In highschool, I studied electronics at tech school and took it a next step further in college where I studied Biomedical equipment and Technology. After some time and like any young adult, I switched careers because it just wasn't for me.

At home, I am constantly pushing myself to be a better mobile software dev for the android platform. I have experience with Google Firebase and Analytics as well working with Android Studio. I have a wide variety of followers around the world and some of them have become great friends.

In the real life, Im an Assembly Manager at FCA LLC. It Provides me with challanges and oppurtunities to grow myself and my family however I will be looking for challanges and better oppurtunities to fit myself in the future.

Im interested in growing and challanging situations. Change doesn't scare me and adapting is key to success.

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